Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Success of the Art Car Project

The Art Car Project was inspired by HVCCA's new exhibition, Circa 1986.  Six important collectors, who were and still are avid art enthusiasts, lent their works to this exhibition.  Circa 1986 focuses on work produced between 1981-1991 by artists who have maintained a high profile position in the art market as well as those who, albeit extremely talented, are not in the forefront of what is currently being collected or exhibited.

Why a car?
Because many artists of this period were integrating popular objects and images into their works the creators of the Art Car Project, Livia Straus and Jo-Ann Brody, wanted to include a second element.  They wanted to emulate the projects 1980's done either with BMW or vintage cars by Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, Jenny Holzer, Frank Stella and others. So, thanks to the Peekskill Police Department, a car was donated to the Art Car Project and transformed into an Art Car.

At the Peekskill Celebration, on Saturday August 6th, children of all ages were encouraged to paint on the outside of an old white Chrysler using acrylic paints     

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